While everyone else has gone back to school, I am long last at the beach — retreating sola for four blessed days at Rehoboth.

“Retreat” has many connotations. Some dark. Some light.

 Armies retreat in defeat. The  losing side beats a hasty retreat when they realize they cannot win. Shadow figures, skulking in dark corners, retreat behind closed doors.

Retreat, of course, is also that weekend retreat singing “Kumbaya” round the campfire. Retreat is a week of Bible study on the Gospel of John with Bishop Spong. Retreat is Gladdening Light and celtic music at Winter Park. Retreat is a sojourn to St Theodore’s on his holy Island.

Jesus, just as human as we are, retreats to replenish his soul. He withdraws from the crowds to replenish his spirit.

Retreat is all of the above and because all of the above I am here at Rehoboth: walking the boardwalk, reading on the beach, indulging in a rare glass of wine, dipping my toes in the ocean.

Retreat is not escape. Along with my bathing suit I brought myself to the beach, complicated, sinful, and still wonderful self. Besides just plain old enjoying myself, I am repenting, regrouping, rethinking, reorganizing this gift I call my life.  

Well as much as I can in four short days! Friday I go back home and go back to work.

So thank you, God for Rehoboth. I am going to bookmark this beautiful beach, this adorable B&B – such blessed therapy for my bipolar brain. 

So here’s a few pics of what I did on my September vacation.

Thanks, Rehoboth! I’ll see you next September!

Pax vobiscum,



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