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 Who Am I Really? A “Rebecca on Reunion” Podcast


Here, in my firstborn daughter’s own voice,  is Rebecca telling the story of our reunion.   Who Am I Really? is a project of Damon Davis: a series of very personal podcasts about the life journey of an adoptee and their search for reunion. Rebecca’s is Episode 18:What I Gained Through Reunion Is Context.

Listening to Rebecca’s voice, I definitely hear Joani. And I hear my daughter Colleen’s voice, too. Maybe even my niece, Lauren’s, as well. Not just the timbre of our voices resonates but how we all string words together. We use the same verbal punctuation. It is uncanny.

And Rebecca’s description of reunion dovetails incredibly with biomom’s. No coordination involved. Just DNA. Incredibly delightful.

So take a listen to Rebecca and let her fill you in on Who She Really Is!

Author: celticjlp

Episcopal priest, 23 years. 14 years, balanced and bipolar. "Associate for Liturgy & Hilarity" at Emmanuel on High, Alexandria, VA. Bibliomaniac desk jockey and docent at Library of Congress. Washington DC born and bred. Half marathoner and avid pedestrian. Friend to many and mother of four. Blogger, Storyteller & Mental Health Evangelist.

4 thoughts on “ Who Am I Really? A “Rebecca on Reunion” Podcast

  1. Hey Joani,
    Just finished listening to Rebecca’s conversation! What a delight it was to listen to her. She is so honest and funny and has a wonderful world view. I’m so happy for you and for her!


  2. Finally had a chance to listen to Rebecca’s conversation and I must say she is your daughter. Thouroughly enjoyed hearing her voice and description of finding you, her thoughts on your siblings, her siblings, your children, her children and finally coming to the conclusion that this didn’t just happen to the two of you but to all involved. A Great Story and so happy it happened to all of you.


    • Barbara, thank you for taking the time to listen. Rebecca is remarkably insightful on so many levels. It is hard to put into words just how gratifying this all is. And I am very good with words! Ha!


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