Emmanuel Virtual Easter Hymn Sing! Alleluia!

A Musical Message from The Music Director & Seminarian

Emmanuel Friends,

In an effort to continue worshipping together, I would like you to be a part of the Emmanuel Virtual Easter Hymn Sing!  If you are unfamiliar with the idea of a virtual choir, check out Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir on YouTube. Eric Whitacre wanted to combine over 1000 voices from all over the world singing one of his choral compositions.  

In the same way, we want you to lend your voice to our virtual congregation and sing the attached two Easter hymns: Hymn of Promise and Alleluia, Alleluia, Give Thanks to the Risen Lord.

The music, notes and words, is attached here for you to download.

Here you can listen to mp3 tracks for both.

Hymn of Promise.
Alleluia, Give Thanks to the Risen Lord.

Using your computer and headphones to listen to the mp3 tracks and your smartphone to record, make a video of you singing along with the tracks.  Make sure that if you record with your phone, turn the phone sideways, so it is “landscape.” The headphones are the most important part, so that we can really capture your singing.  Don’t worry though, our seminarian Pete is a master at video editing and has promised to edit, so that everyone sounds beautiful! Just like our altar guild members arrange flowers, Pete and I will work to arrange voices!  I will also be sending the video to our fantastic team of professional cantors and to our fabulous choir members. Some voices will be at the front, as the flowers that adorn our altar, and other voices will support and add color, so never fear, just like on a Sunday morning our voices will blend beautifully!  

You can upload your performance to Pete’s dropbox at the link here.

Or cut and paste this link:

If you cannot figure out the dropbox, please send your tracks to pete.e.nunnally@gmail.com by Palm Sunday, April 5, so that they can be included in the final product!  We will release the beautiful hymns on Easter weekend, so everyone can enjoy!  

If you have questions, please email Ryan at musicdirector@emmanuelonhigh.org.

NOTE: U&U blog followers, this is an exclusively Emmanuel Episcopal Church project. Wishing you a happy Easter, wherever you are in these challenging times.