The Road to Emmaus: A Children’s Homily

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Emmanuel@Home Morning Prayer

Third Sunday of Easter, April 26, 2020

The Rev. Charles C. McCoart, Jr.

OBJECT SUGGESTED: The Bible and/or a biography of a person with whom the children would be familiar.

Hi everyone.  Thank you to all of the young people who are listening to today’s homily for children.  

When you are introduced to someone, how do you decide if this is a person you would like to know better?  You listen to what the new acquaintance tells you about herself or himself.  You can also learn a lot about someone by noticing what they do – how they treat other people and what they choose to do with their time.  Actions give us good information about the character of another person.

Another way to learn more about someone you haven’t known long is to listen to how other people describe him or her.  Some famous people have books, called biographies, written about their lives.  

Have you ever seen a book that is a biography?  Maybe a big person in your life can show you a book about another person’s life.  It’s called a biography.  A story about that person’s life.

The same ideas can be used to learn more about Jesus.  Before Jesus ascended to heaven He talked with two disciples who were walking along the road, traveling to Emmaus.  While He was still with them “Jesus told them all of the things written about Him in the Scriptures.”

As we read the Bible, Jesus tells us who He is.  We learn about the things He did while He was on earth; His good actions seen in the healings and miracles He performed for others.  And we read how others describe Him.  

Much of the Bible is a biography of the life of Jesus.

As we study the Bible, Jesus is revealed to us more and more in much the same way He revealed Himself to the two disciples traveling on the road to Emmaus. We can get to know Jesus better by reading His remarkable life story, thinking about what it means to us, and praying for guidance.

What are some of the stories you remember about Jesus?

What are some of the stories you would like for us to remember about your life?

Thank you for sharing.

Have a great day everyone.

Peace, Chuck

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