Emmanuel Voices: Busy Blogging Elsewhere

U&U Friends & Followers!!

Long time no see, right?!? It has been way too long since we last met here on U&U. The pandemic indeed has turned all of our lives upside down and reset our priorities. I have not posted here since May, so you may think that my blogging was a casualty of the virus. After all, Unorthodox & Unhinged launched in April of 2014 and barely a month went by without a post, or two or three.

Most of you know that I am a parish priest at Emmanuel on High in Alexandria, VA. Church buildings are closed but being the church — in pandemic times — is in high gear. We have had to reinvent virtually everything about church. It’s been a very collaborative and creative time with my colleagues and we are working more closely now than ever. Worship is online and also now outside! Book groups, Bible study, Popcorn Theology, Rabbi by Appointment, staff meetings and committee meetings, coffee hours and happy hours — all online!

The idea for a parish blog had been on the back burner for half a dozen years. With the arrival of the virus, the blog idea’s time had now come: a creative way to stay connected to the community, to hear from the congregation, and find inspiration. My colleague Chuck and I designed it. I spent six weeks building it in WordPress. Emmanuel Voices launched May 31st on the Feast of Pentecost.

I did not disappear, I have just been blogging elsewhere!😊

As the name implies, the blog features many voices (not just mine😊): clergy, staff, seminarians, parishioners and guests. It includes cultural commentary, think pieces, homilies for grownups and kids, art, music and more. Click here to read what it is about.

I had thought of “double-blogging”, posting the same post simultaneously on U&U and Voices, but that’s a lot of work. And what I would really like to do is entice you to check out where I am currently hanging out blog wise.😊 I hope that after reading a few back posts, you would like to subscribe. Just scroll down the bottom of the homepage and click on “follow.”

Here is the motivation and inspiration behind it:

Working backwards to May, here is a catalogue of my posts. As you can see from the long list , I have been busy! Because homilies are blog posts and blog posts are also homilies, you can also listen and watch, and not just read. Technology has been a real gift; we could not accomplish this with flip phones!😊

Reflection on the VTS Chapel and Return to “Public Worship.”
Reflection on the gift on friendship and the connective tissue of love.
Bert & Ernie, Frog & Toad, & more.
A compilation of fun favorite films from Emmanuel parishioners.
Inspiration from John Cheever’s short story and angels we have entertained unawares.
Something like a pandemic fireside chat live from Joani’s library.
Wisdom from A.A. Milne, Dr. Seuss & Maurice Sendak.
A compilation of recommended reads from Emmanuel parishioners.
The gift of words and the bipolar brain.
Just how do you baptize babies in a pandemic?
Dr. Peacock, William, Jacob’s family & Black Lives Matter.
Check out these angry psalms. It’s biblically therapeutic.
A catalogue of musical finds.
Wardrobe choices for mental health.
A fun experiment, if you have twenty minutes.

I hope you enjoy exploring this new venue! You can bookmark Emmanuel Voices in your browser or get the latest posts in your email by subscribing; just scroll to bottom of homepage to “follow.”

Happy reading! Hope to see you soon!